Monday, March 28, 2016

As Human Beings How Long Can We Expect to Live?

What are the outer-limits for us as human beings, how long can we actually expect to live? Biblically and historically, there have been numerous spectacular claims of longevity; hundreds of years, up to 1000+ years; if we are to believe oral tradition. More recently though, in this century and last century, there have been too many documented cases of longer life for us to simply ignore; one 122 year old; a 131 year old; a 156 year old; a 160 year old; and even, a multiple-verified report of a 256 year old herbalist and martial artist from China! These reports are not just anecdotal or based on folklore; they have been verified by other people living, as well as, by now dead.

Japan has 60,000+ Centenarians at present; whereas, the U.S. has about 150,000; while the rest of the world, about another 100,000+ total! The trend, therefore, is obvious, we are living longer! Not surprisingly, Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey has already stated, “ The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly live today…whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.”

Historically speaking, this field of study has already been stained by the boisterous claims and suspicious offerings of too many magical, anti-aging elixirs. People have become resistant to these fabricated claims. Recently though, with today’s technologies, scientists studying longevity have focused on molecular research, using powerful genomic markers; isolating, genetically distinct communities of people to gain further insight into the problems of old age, and how it can be avoided! Independent studies in Calabria, Ecuador, Hawaii, even the Bronx, are turning up molecules and chemical pathways that may help all of us reach a ‘new’ level of old age while remaining active, vibrant and healthy, at 100 and beyond!
The common denominator for these longer lives is not ‘geographical location’; as they exist in isolated pockets all over the globe. Their main similarities are with their diets and activity; rich in organic fruit and vegetables; they were hard working; free from drugs, alcohol and tobacco; lived on a restricted meat diet; ate mainly fish or seaweed diet; including, having a source of clean fresh water; and finally, physically free from major pollutants. Now, these people are surviving well into their 100’s; and, without any kind of medical, genetic, bio-medical, bi-engineered, or molecular assistants. NONE!

So, don’t be surprised if you are the one who may live to be 150 years old; after all, as health-conscious human beings, how long do we really expect to live?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Drug Dependence Is a Death Sentence

Drug dependence is a death sentence; death to those poor dependent souls, and to see it any other way, is to shun the problem! It is cancer that infects society from the inside out; and most of us, unsuspectingly, unknowingly, go about our daily lives, unaware of the deadly reality that innocently exists, just behind our city streets. Within the homes and apartments of everyday people; people, just like you and me.

Here is the fact that our Government, social agencies, and harm reduction facilitators don’t EVER want you to know…Through-out these hundreds of thousands of apartments and millions of homes in this city, there exists a population of vulnerable people; people addicted to drugs; pharmaceutical and recreational drugs; all deadly and dangerous. In our city, we have thousands of apartments and thousands of homes, where drug dealing and drug usage takes place on an hourly basis! The inescapable truth…sadly, we are a nation of drug users.

This epidemic of drug dependence is bigger than anyone could have ever imagined; as it has been secretly growing, unabated for decades! So far, globally speaking, there have not been any real solutions for this global epidemic; all countries are affected!
Let’s just run through the list of failures. The number one, the biggest reason, we still have runaway drug addiction, has to do with the laws and resultant penalties of incarceration for these drugs! Next on the list are drug rehabs; they've been around for over a 100 years, even in the form of sanatoriums in the 1880’s!

They have been a BIG failure; on average producing less than a 3-5% abstinence rate within a few year period! And, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars per person; it is a repeating example of wasted insurance, business and Government funding, and resources. 95% or more, never get off the drugs; they relapse and continue to live and die because of them.

This is the reason behind the establishment of these Harm Reduction Programs, designed to help the drug user continue to use their drugs but in a safer way. They know, like our Government, that this problem isn't just going to go away; if anything, it is growing, and at epidemic proportions. Like an Ebola virus!

So, they know, that the drug dependent individuals odds are stacked against them; they know, that too much money has already been wasted on these poor miserable beings; and, that true hope for complete drug recovery and long-term abstinence, is just a farfetched fantasy; one they can’t afford-financially; and most importantly, they don’t believe is EVER possible!

I on the other hand believe something else, entirely:

I believe in the goodness of people; their desire for a better life; their longing for a freer life; without sickness, disease, debility, or a lifetime of drug dependence. We all want the same things. We want to be, do, and get out of life the maximum enjoyment, pleasure, and rewards. It’s called survival!

Then why should we continue to cripple a drug user for life, through harm reduction programs and therapies; basically, to facilitate their continued use of the drug, but now, through harm reduction, to use it a bit safer, to themselves and with others? This is a bumbling bureaucratic solution, to ‘controlling’ the problem; but, not ‘solving’ the problem; most importantly, by stopping it dead in its tracks!

I do not wish to live in a world, a city or town, where drug users are controlled by the state, for the rest of their lives. Keeping them addicted as they rot away, closer to death each day. Their immune systems compromised, their choices for a real life limited, and their hope for a better life, free of drugs and their sinister effects; well, all gone, because of our uncaring Government policies and harm reduction programs. Basically, in my opinion, they are a death sentence to every drug user!

There are real solutions to drug dependence; recovery and abstinence are not only possible but achievable by anyone, wanting to be free. Sure, it will require both the will and resources; but, I firmly believe that we as a compassionate society are up for the challenge. We cannot turn our back on our most vulnerable friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunts; they need our help; and they need to believe once again, that abstinence is totally possible; and that a drug free world is just peeking out on the horizon; now that you know, drug dependence is a death sentence!