Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Execute Drug Dealers Dealing in Opiates?

Why execute drug dealers dealing in opiates? Sounds like the right thing to do, kill drug dealers that kill; yet, is it really the truthful way towards solving our drug epidemic, or is it just another fanciful misdirect, away from the apparently unsolvable Nations’ real drug problems and their source? 

Will killing drug dealers actually stop the epidemic in its tracks? Absolutely not! It is just a smoke screen, a distraction away from the truth. Why? Because drug dealers are the wrong target! What?
They are not the source of the epidemic!

Big Pharma and various Government agencies are actually the ones responsible for the current drug epidemic, and not the ‘supposed’ drug dealers!

Allow me to shed some light on the corruption and dangers lurking within our Government agencies, and their covert operations and drug dealing operatives.

Just do some basic research into our current drug epidemic.

Read some historical facts: Know the Truth!

If Trump thinks for one moment that killing drug dealers is the answer to America’s heroin and opiate crises, he should look no further than Afghanistan, which produces 90% of the world’s heroin. Killing a few drug dealers for 'show' is not the answer to solving the DRUG EPIDEMIC that has been sweeping across America for the past six-seven decades. Hasn’t anyone been paying attention? Or, do we just believe everything our Government tells us?

And, don’t think for one moment the Big Pharma companies haven’t contributed to the problem, and even exacerbated it, intentionally selling drugs, through sleight of hand, and even underhanded means. They helped fuel this opiate epidemic! 

Is this why New York City is currently suing Big Pharm for 500 million? Why aren’t they rounding up petty drug dealers looking to feed their own habits? As they already know, they must go after the SOURCE! Trump is the great mis-director, making headlines and misdirection through executions. It’s all just B.S., Government propaganda! Additionally, numerous U.S. States are also suing the distributors of these opiates, as the ones responsible; and NOT, by going after the ‘street’ drug dealers.

Wake up America, you are being lied to, tricked into believing that a few drug dealers that kill a few people, through overdose, here and there, are at fault? No, they are the fall-guys for the Government agencies, police corruption, and BIG Pharma, the ones actually responsible for this unstoppable drug epidemic, which is NOT limited to opiates; and, I am NOT talking marijuana!

Pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year in America than all the drug dealers selling all their drugs combined! Just look at the statistics for yourself and see:

The Pharmaceutical’s own journal the ‘J Am Pharm. Assoc.’ 2001; 41:192-9, referenced a University of Arizona study that concluded, "The overall cost of US drug-related morbidity and mortality exceeded $177.4 billion in the year 2000, with over 200,000 deaths created annually". Now, that was almost twenty years ago!

Here’s something more recent, according to court documents and congressional hearings during the 2004 session, one drug alone, Vioxx, out of their pharmacopoeia of over 10,000 registered and marketable medications has been directly linked possibly to over 60,000 deaths; and millions injured, in just a five year period in the United States alone. Merck, its manufacturer, eventually settled out of court for a paltry 4.85 billion dollars.

Vioxx was their most significant seller; for five years from 1999 onwards it dominated the industry by sheer numbers alone. It made them billions of dollars a year. The big bonus for Merck in all of this was that they got to walk away; even after all the damage and death; and horrifically, continue to conduct ‘business as usual'!

I am not making this stuff up; and as I said, go look it up for yourself, the Truth is out there! At least now you know the truth! Executing drug dealers selling opiates will NEVER be the answer to our current drug epidemic!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Daily

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Daily

Surprisingly enough, there are numerous benefits to drinking bone broth daily; mainly due to its many nutritional and therapeutic benefits contained within the broth. In truth, bone broth heals faster, cheaper, and better than any other natural remedy known to science or natural health. Without exaggeration, and based on thousands of years of anecdotal human history, I firmly believe that bone broth is the ultimate healing solution, for whatever ails you. Drinking bone broth daily can dramatically impact your life and health through its many wondrous and healing benefits.

Bone broth is an amber, rich liquid made primarily from beef, chicken, or fish bones that have been vigorously boiled in water; with some spices, vegetables, and a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar thrown into the mixture; shortly thereafter, the heat is reduced and slowly simmered for 24-72 hours; allowing all the bones and marrow to fall apart within the broth, releasing its’ nutritionally packed minerals and proteins into this full-bodied stock.

Some of these liberated elements are collagen, elastin, gelatin, glycine, as well as other important amino acids; which, as we know, are the basic building blocks of our body and its’ structure.

Our skin, for example, is made up of about 70-80% collagen; not surprisingly, this ubiquitous proteinaceous substance exists everywhere in our bodies; as a matter of fact there are over 28 types of collagen; from our skin to our bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it is an essential part of our structure; whereas elastin, another by-product of collagen, is literally the glue that binds our bodies together; it is the substance that gives our skin its’ elasticity, while preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.

Historically speaking, our ancestors first started making stocks and fish soups about 15,000 years ago; based on the carbon dating of ceramic pots found in China and Japan. You see they knew healthy eating, even way back then, perhaps not consciously; but, we sure know now that if you cook in a container, the nutrients, proteins, oils, and fats are all retained, and immediately available for absorption and digestion. 

The pot below was used for cooking fish; salmon, based on the oil resins found within this particular vessel. Fishbone soup, fish stock, and fish broth were popular, as fish were easy to catch; more so, than chasing after a 6-ton, 12 foot high, woolly mammoth.

Depending on the type of bone used to make the broth, and aside from the benefits of all the proteins, and whatever other nutrients might be hiding in the marrow; bone broth is extremely high in a wide range of essential minerals our bodies need on a daily basis. For example, bones from animals are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, while fish bones are rich in iodine.

Recent research has also indicated that there are many benefits of bone broth for your gut, IBS symptoms, and other related conditions, as well as, for your joints, and associated inflammation. By drinking a cup or two of either homemade bone broth or powdered bone broth every day, you will begin to see some benefits over a few weeks or months, especially on your skin, joint pain and gut. You will just feel better all around.

Additionally, if you were to go on a 3-5 day bone broth fast, drinking only bone broth and purified water or spring water for those days, you would see even more dramatic and shorter-term results on your body and brain power. Without a doubt, bone broth also nourishes your brain. So make sure to drink bone broth every day.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Patience, Perseverance, and Endurance

In over sixty years of living, patience, perseverance, and endurance have always paid off for me. 

Persistence only pays off if you’re determined; and only if, you are on the ‘right’ purpose, your true purpose. Many years ago, make that almost a lifetime ago, I first heard these magical words of wisdom from my Tai Chi Chuan teacher Johnny O, “Patience, Perseverance, and Endurance.”

Nearly fifty years later, I am still in awe, about the meaning and integrity behind those three powerful words.

In life, in any situation, or within any relationship; patience is not only a virtue, it is an essential force for peace, compassion and mutual understandings; because, it is only through patience that we can master the soulful art of ‘acceptance’, of anything and everything around us, or within us, sometimes, that may even be raging like a fiery inferno. 

Patience keeps us whole and keeps us sane; patience is the ultimate way to an understanding of life. To survive, you, we, all must have patience. You see, death is enforced patience; at that point, we have no choice and no other freedom, other than, ‘patiently’ being dead!

Patience allows us to experience Life naturally unfolding, without our emotional baggage and negative considerations clouding the way of our personal development; our individual search for meaning, and our quest for the truths of our existence. Patience allows Life to reveal what we need to know in order to evolve, move on to the next step of our ‘living and learning’ experience. 

Patience also allows us to grow beyond our own expectations and limitations; for you see, patience reveals truths like no other; it allows for NO time aberration. Patience allows for infinity to infinitely unfold. Giving us the courage, hope, and future, of a life full-filled with happiness and joy; because, we are infinitely patient, and patiently believe in each other. Patience=Survival….In every way!

Perseverance, allows us like patience, to keep going, despite ‘everything’ else to the contrary; notwithstanding any or every obstacle, barrier, or even, mental consideration in our path. Infinite perseverance allows for nothing, ever, to get in your way, NOTHING! With perseverance comes an understanding of yourself and that of Life; as you can observably see, Life persists, if nothing else! Perseverance also equals survival.

Finally, we come to endurance, the most valued and prized survival characteristic; without which, WE, would all be dead! Everything in Life is based on endurance. If you can’t endure you will not move ahead; and eventually, you will die. Obsolescence is the opposite of endurance. Look around you, in everything that you see, it is enduring; it is surviving, right there in front of your eyes. Life will always find a way to endure, as Life is all about endurance. Life is survival; endurance is surviving through anything and everything in our path, mentally, physically, and spiritually!

As you can see, these three powerful and wise words are a mantra for survival, in all of its many manifestations. Patient people live longer and get along better with others; perseverant people last longer at anything they attempt; while, people that can endure, anything and everything in their way; well, they will endure like a diamond, forever and ever…!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Is Your True Health The Most Important Activity In Your Life?

Your personal health should be the most important priority and activity in your life; even if you’re a parent, your health comes first; your well being must take precedence; otherwise, you will not be in any shape to take care of your kids; especially, if you’re seriously sick or dying. Each and every day of our lives, most of us, living anywhere on this planet, make poor food choices; buy foods that are adulterated with chemicals and other unsavory additives; some, contaminated with metals; others, denatured of their integral nutrients; and even others, genetically modified! 

These are INESCAPABLE happenings unless you eat organic and raw; and, you have a reliable source of uncontaminated and unadulterated foods!

For example, did you know that you can buy totally organic-verified and certified fruit or vegetables in the US; and they can be shown to be completely free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.; yet, they can still contain dangerous, even lethal amounts of metals; like lead, cesium, aluminum, mercury, and the list goes on…! 

Sure, there are ways to grow truly organic fruits and vegetables with negligible metal contaminants; but, it takes strict knowledge of organic farming; and knowing the land to be used and its history; including, most importantly, having a way to conclusively test the soil the produce is grown in for their harmful metallic levels; as well as, the produce itself and their by-products.

This technological marvel does exist; and, so do the alternative thinking pioneers that have produced them….

To be finally able to detect precisely what’s in our foods is in our best interest; especially, if it shows gaping flaws in our Food Industry-from the farm to our table. Rest assured; your family can finally eat healthy and safe, from any harmful contaminant. For example, “Every product sold by the Health Ranger Store has been extensively tested in the ConsumerWellness Center Labs using ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation and is Verified Low Heavy Metals. Headed by Mike Adams ("The Health Ranger"), the Lab developed a rating system that represents a new standard in consumer food safety, and the Health Ranger Store carries only those products rated "A" and above.”

Honestly, truthfully, and factually, it is one of the highest rated labs for this type of investigation and analysis; helping you and your family be safe, proving once and for all, what’s exactly in your foods! I need to ask, is your true health the most important activity in your life?

Friday, June 24, 2016

An Essay on The Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients

We are sick, some of us are dying; we have been neglected by our community, our Government, and our laws; we have been betrayed, denied and disavowed. We are forgotten! Politicians posture, as our police sworn to ‘serve and protect’, can only feel like puppets, being pulled by their Masters’ strings; by those that want to control the conversation; far, far away from ‘care and compassion’; especially, for those that are currently physically suffering, because they no longer have free and easy access to their own, lifesaving, and medically prescribed marijuana.

It’s NOT all about recreational use; it’s also NOT about the legalities or the lack thereof; it’s truly only about one thing…the rights of medical marijuana patients to their health and longevity. We want to live our lives, free of pain and suffering; free of shame and guilt, from what others may think regarding our own health needs and initiatives, and our need for this so-called ‘marijuana drug’! What works for me, to ease my pain and suffering works for me. If it works for others, many others, it’s even better; as we can all get better together.

In any free country, free of tyranny and mass control; sick people are allowed to access health care for their needs as they need it and when they need it; freely, easily and effortlessly. They are sick; some are dying, and most are suffering, daily, continuously, despite their best intentions to heal themselves of their infirmities, diseases, and cancers. 

These are the people that we as politicians, community citizens, police and legal representatives, are affecting with our abject neglect, insane health policies, and contradictory laws. These are the poorest and the sickest in our society that we are punishing for the sake of what? Political sleight of hand posturing, and for what, the God Almighty Dollar? For the sake of Greed and Social Control, over our sick and dying? Is this really what’s going on behind the scenes?

No sick human being, especially one who is seriously ill and suffering in pain and discomfort, should ever be denied access to medical care when they need it the most. That should be a basic medical right; and a protected right by our laws, by our politicians, and our police. Yet, they’ve betrayed us! 

These recent raids on the medical marijuana dispensaries have had a devastating effect on the lives and wellbeing of thousands of medical marijuana patients across the GTA; as we no longer have access to what we need, to help ease our pain and constant suffering. Days have gone by, and without any consideration to our needs; as the newspapers, police, and politicians argue endlessly about everything, except what matters most in our own lives, our sickness and suffering; and most importantly, our need to access our medication NOW!

Will you please stand up for our medical rights as marijuana patients! Make your voice felt; help us access our medicine NOW!

Monday, March 28, 2016

As Human Beings How Long Can We Expect to Live?

What are the outer-limits for us as human beings, how long can we actually expect to live? Biblically and historically, there have been numerous spectacular claims of longevity; hundreds of years, up to 1000+ years; if we are to believe oral tradition. More recently though, in this century and last century, there have been too many documented cases of longer life for us to simply ignore; one 122 year old; a 131 year old; a 156 year old; a 160 year old; and even, a multiple-verified report of a 256 year old herbalist and martial artist from China! These reports are not just anecdotal or based on folklore; they have been verified by other people living, as well as, by now dead.

Japan has 60,000+ Centenarians at present; whereas, the U.S. has about 150,000; while the rest of the world, about another 100,000+ total! The trend, therefore, is obvious, we are living longer! Not surprisingly, Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey has already stated, “ The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly live today…whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.”

Historically speaking, this field of study has already been stained by the boisterous claims and suspicious offerings of too many magical, anti-aging elixirs. People have become resistant to these fabricated claims. Recently though, with today’s technologies, scientists studying longevity have focused on molecular research, using powerful genomic markers; isolating, genetically distinct communities of people to gain further insight into the problems of old age, and how it can be avoided! Independent studies in Calabria, Ecuador, Hawaii, even the Bronx, are turning up molecules and chemical pathways that may help all of us reach a ‘new’ level of old age while remaining active, vibrant and healthy, at 100 and beyond!
The common denominator for these longer lives is not ‘geographical location’; as they exist in isolated pockets all over the globe. Their main similarities are with their diets and activity; rich in organic fruit and vegetables; they were hard working; free from drugs, alcohol and tobacco; lived on a restricted meat diet; ate mainly fish or seaweed diet; including, having a source of clean fresh water; and finally, physically free from major pollutants. Now, these people are surviving well into their 100’s; and, without any kind of medical, genetic, bio-medical, bi-engineered, or molecular assistants. NONE!

So, don’t be surprised if you are the one who may live to be 150 years old; after all, as health-conscious human beings, how long do we really expect to live?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Drug Dependence Is a Death Sentence

Drug dependence is a death sentence; death to those poor dependent souls, and to see it any other way, is to shun the problem! It is cancer that infects society from the inside out; and most of us, unsuspectingly, unknowingly, go about our daily lives, unaware of the deadly reality that innocently exists, just behind our city streets. Within the homes and apartments of everyday people; people, just like you and me.

Here is the fact that our Government, social agencies, and harm reduction facilitators don’t EVER want you to know…Through-out these hundreds of thousands of apartments and millions of homes in this city, there exists a population of vulnerable people; people addicted to drugs; pharmaceutical and recreational drugs; all deadly and dangerous. In our city, we have thousands of apartments and thousands of homes, where drug dealing and drug usage takes place on an hourly basis! The inescapable truth…sadly, we are a nation of drug users.

This epidemic of drug dependence is bigger than anyone could have ever imagined; as it has been secretly growing, unabated for decades! So far, globally speaking, there have not been any real solutions for this global epidemic; all countries are affected!
Let’s just run through the list of failures. The number one, the biggest reason, we still have runaway drug addiction, has to do with the laws and resultant penalties of incarceration for these drugs! Next on the list are drug rehabs; they've been around for over a 100 years, even in the form of sanatoriums in the 1880’s!

They have been a BIG failure; on average producing less than a 3-5% abstinence rate within a few year period! And, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars per person; it is a repeating example of wasted insurance, business and Government funding, and resources. 95% or more, never get off the drugs; they relapse and continue to live and die because of them.

This is the reason behind the establishment of these Harm Reduction Programs, designed to help the drug user continue to use their drugs but in a safer way. They know, like our Government, that this problem isn't just going to go away; if anything, it is growing, and at epidemic proportions. Like an Ebola virus!

So, they know, that the drug dependent individuals odds are stacked against them; they know, that too much money has already been wasted on these poor miserable beings; and, that true hope for complete drug recovery and long-term abstinence, is just a farfetched fantasy; one they can’t afford-financially; and most importantly, they don’t believe is EVER possible!

I on the other hand believe something else, entirely:

I believe in the goodness of people; their desire for a better life; their longing for a freer life; without sickness, disease, debility, or a lifetime of drug dependence. We all want the same things. We want to be, do, and get out of life the maximum enjoyment, pleasure, and rewards. It’s called survival!

Then why should we continue to cripple a drug user for life, through harm reduction programs and therapies; basically, to facilitate their continued use of the drug, but now, through harm reduction, to use it a bit safer, to themselves and with others? This is a bumbling bureaucratic solution, to ‘controlling’ the problem; but, not ‘solving’ the problem; most importantly, by stopping it dead in its tracks!

I do not wish to live in a world, a city or town, where drug users are controlled by the state, for the rest of their lives. Keeping them addicted as they rot away, closer to death each day. Their immune systems compromised, their choices for a real life limited, and their hope for a better life, free of drugs and their sinister effects; well, all gone, because of our uncaring Government policies and harm reduction programs. Basically, in my opinion, they are a death sentence to every drug user!

There are real solutions to drug dependence; recovery and abstinence are not only possible but achievable by anyone, wanting to be free. Sure, it will require both the will and resources; but, I firmly believe that we as a compassionate society are up for the challenge. We cannot turn our back on our most vulnerable friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunts; they need our help; and they need to believe once again, that abstinence is totally possible; and that a drug free world is just peeking out on the horizon; now that you know, drug dependence is a death sentence!