Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Is Your True Health The Most Important Activity In Your Life?

Your personal health should be the most important priority and activity in your life; even if you’re a parent, your health comes first; your well being must take precedence; otherwise, you will not be in any shape to take care of your kids; especially, if you’re seriously sick or dying. Each and every day of our lives, most of us, living anywhere on this planet, make poor food choices; buy foods that are adulterated with chemicals and other unsavory additives; some, contaminated with metals; others, denatured of their integral nutrients; and even others, genetically modified! 

These are INESCAPABLE happenings unless you eat organic and raw; and, you have a reliable source of uncontaminated and unadulterated foods!

For example, did you know that you can buy totally organic-verified and certified fruit or vegetables in the US; and they can be shown to be completely free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.; yet, they can still contain dangerous, even lethal amounts of metals; like lead, cesium, aluminum, mercury, and the list goes on…! 

Sure, there are ways to grow truly organic fruits and vegetables with negligible metal contaminants; but, it takes strict knowledge of organic farming; and knowing the land to be used and its history; including, most importantly, having a way to conclusively test the soil the produce is grown in for their harmful metallic levels; as well as, the produce itself and their by-products.

This technological marvel does exist; and, so do the alternative thinking pioneers that have produced them….

To be finally able to detect precisely what’s in our foods is in our best interest; especially, if it shows gaping flaws in our Food Industry-from the farm to our table. Rest assured; your family can finally eat healthy and safe, from any harmful contaminant. For example, “Every product sold by the Health Ranger Store has been extensively tested in the ConsumerWellness Center Labs using ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation and is Verified Low Heavy Metals. Headed by Mike Adams ("The Health Ranger"), the Lab developed a rating system that represents a new standard in consumer food safety, and the Health Ranger Store carries only those products rated "A" and above.”

Honestly, truthfully, and factually, it is one of the highest rated labs for this type of investigation and analysis; helping you and your family be safe, proving once and for all, what’s exactly in your foods! I need to ask, is your true health the most important activity in your life?