Sunday, November 24, 2013

Benefits of Green Algae

The "benefits of green algae" can fill a green algae encyclopedia; and have already been proven for many, many decades. Then why haven't  you known about them, or been using them in your healthy diet? The simplest answer is two fold; suppression of the truth; and, specially designed and targeted promotional propaganda by the food industry. Do I dare say the word, 'conspiracy'; or use the word, 'collusion'?

The benefits of green algae speak for themselves. There has been so much, too much documentation, almost overwhelming, that shows without a shadow of a doubt, that we have, you have, all been duped, conned and lied to, by the Food Industry and our trusted Government agencies, like the FDA, and the Dept of Agriculture; as just two quick examples!The real truth to our unhealthy predicament is a lot scarier than you may think or even imagine.

That stated, we can now get on with the truth about this watery group of beneficial Super Foods.

Green algae is an ancient aquatic plant with over "7000 species growing in a variety of habitats". It's main function is the conversion and production of chlorophyll from our sun. Ingested, in it's raw form, this pigment is revolutionary in it's life giving and life sustaining properties. The sea, concentrates the health benefits of this green algae many more fold than mere land plants; including, their chlorophyll levels! In their various forms, Spirulina, Sea Weed, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella, Kelp, Marine Phytoplankton, can create amazing and wonderful long term results for your health and body, regardless of your age or current physical condition.

This is the age of information, revelation, and personal transformation. You are aware of the truth, and using this truth in your life, can and will change your life for the better. The health benefits of green algae are one of the most potent and dynamic, consisting of a powerful group of nutrients ever known to humanity! They are remarkable and extraordinary in their properties, health benefits and effects. This is not hype, this is the truth. It can help save your life!

David Wolfe, author of Superfoods has many personal examples and testimonials to share with you in his book, and on many of his popular YouTube videos. He has been one of the leaders in this back to food revolution, an evolution in nutrition and alchemy, designed to enhance your optimum health and longevity. That's what nature has provided for you in the form of green algae; everlasting life and vitality. Don't you owe it to yourself to give them a try, and to truthfully see what the health benefits of these green algae can be on your body and mind?

Here is a video of the benefits of green algae, particularly marine phytoplankton.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sugar is Killing Us: More than Ever Before!

Sugar, Aspartame, and Coca-Cola are making the headlines again. Here's my input. In our own sweet way, we are killing ourselves through our poor food and non-food choices. Let’s be clear before I go any further as to what I mean, exactly mean, by ‘non-foods.’ My first example of a severely deadly and dangerous to your physical, mental and emotional well being, is an entirely non-food substance called sugar; including, its many over-hyped and hyper-advertised by-products, as well as, synthesized transmutations. 

For example, the list is rather long and filled with sugary sweet slogans and catchy names; yet, just as artificial as the ‘buzzwords’ they created when naming them; are any beneficial effects you may gain from ingesting them; other than a sugary rush. Do you remember ‘Equal’ or ‘NutraSweet’? Trademarked names for the product Aspartame! How about ‘Sweet N’ Low? Another sugar substitute made with ground saccharine and dextrose. 

They define dextrose on their website,  “Dextrose is a natural carbohydrate derived from corn. Many sugar substitutes in powdered form contain dextrose”. Be aware that most corn produced in the US and the world, also contains GMO’s! 

Then, there are the refined sugars, white sugars, brown sugars, cane-sugars, dextrose, fructose, high-fructose, and maltodextrin; including, other multi-syllabic  polysaccharides. And these, are just the one’s I can remember off the top of my head. The lists of products and their ingredients that contain ‘sugar’ stagger the imagination; but, if truth be told, most packaged and canned products on the shelves of most popular grocery chains contain sugar and or its by-products within them, in some form or another. And, you can take that statement to any lawyer!

Factually speaking, sugar is a big part of the average North American diet; and, most singly responsible for causing epidemic increases in obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other degenerative and debilitating diseases. Literally, sugar is killing us! We eat it ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, and feed it to our kids by the hundreds of pounds per year!

Most people do not know the clout and power of these huge multi-billion dollar Agri-Food Conglomerates! They control everything that you put in your mouth, and where and how this food is grown. That’s just for starters. Don’t get me going on their lobbying efforts, and controlling the media campaigns, to keep you in the dark about their shady food practices and non-food production policies. Let’s stay focused on sugar and its unhealthy consequences to our children’s future; and the increased burden that this is causing, on our already over taxed and fragile health care system. I need to ask, what system?

There are many passionate and alarmed scientists, health practitioners, concerned citizens and politicians that have been fighting hard, ‘tooth and claw,’ to eliminate sugar and its variations from our food supply completely! None have worked more tirelessly than Nancy Appleton Ph.D. to educate the public on the dangers of sugar; including, the 141 reasons she lists that sugar ruins your health! In her explosive first book, Lick the Sugar Habit-1985, she makes a powerfully convincing argument about the dangers of sugar. Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we even have more proof than ever about its deadly effects and toxicity!

What’s changed?

I need to ask, what will it actually take for most North Americans to kick this dangerous and deadly sugar habit once and for all?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Are Foods and Supplements Made for Children Packed with Hazardous Chemicals, Hidden Aspartame and GMOs?

Why Are Foods and Supplements Made for Children Packed with Hazardous Chemicals, Hidden Aspartame, and GMOs? Very Good Question! I just finished reading an impassioned and quite inspiring article by Dr. Mercola asking this same very good question. Why Indeed?

He begins by arguing for a nutritious diet and how eating healthy will give your child a healthy mind, and a higher IQ! Additionally, eating inferior foods, devoid of real substance, like that of junk foods will only condition your child to the taste and desire for them for life. Not to mention, setting the stage for all sorts of physical manifestations of ill health to appear. 

The list is long and dangerous; the least of which can be observable behavior problems; from attention deficit syndrome-like symptoms to hyperactivity, and even to the extreme, leading to aggression and violence! These aren’t prescription drugs, or brain chemical deficiencies that are causing this phenomena...they are directly caused by the foods we as a society and as parents are feeding them; or at the very least, allowing them to eat it!

He then lists, asthma, eczema, and a variety of allergies, and inflammatory conditions; including, autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer, to round off the list of the usual suspects that a diet of junk foods produces.

Later on in the article, he actually references a young girl asking McDonald’s CEO some pointedly perceptive questions. It is quite revealing how convincingly he lies to this little girl. Shame, shame, shame on you McDonalds!

Below is a screen capture taken from Dr. Mercola’s website and its link:

Investigating this subject in detail Dr. Mercola sites a related article and its author Michele Simon, a public health lawyer specializing in industry marketing and lobbying tactics, suggests adding your voice by signing the petition created by Corporate Accountability International, urging CEO Don Thompson to stop marketing McDonald’s to children.

The screen capture will give you the facts as to who is lying:

I strongly suggest you as a parent or as a concerned citizen read the article in its entirety. Please also sign the petition and make sure your child stays as far from McDonald's as you would protect them from a contagious Ebola-stricken person.

After reading this article, you will never need to ask...

Why Are Foods and Supplements Made for Children Packed with Hazardous Chemicals, Hidden Aspartame, and GMOs?

You will simply know...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What are Acupressure Points?

What are acupressure points compared to acupuncture points? Good question, and that’s also a good starting point for our current discussion. Firstly, not all pressure points in both eastern healing modalities are located in the exact same place on the human body, or are of the exact same numbers.
Furthermore, acupressure predates acupuncture by a few thousand years; and could be considered the working foundation for the development of acupuncture, which is also a thoroughly developed study and healing practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In general, these ‘pressure points’ are areas of the body that can be touched with applied pressure to relieve pain or discomfort; as well as, to incapacitate your opponent, like in some forms of martial arts; including as well, piercing or penetrating the skin by way of a needle or an electrode, as in acupuncture points.

In eastern medicine, your body is looked upon as an over-all energy field; and, they have skillfully classified the body’s organs and functions into a ‘manifestation and interaction’ of five distinct energy types; these are described as ‘wind’, ‘heat’, ‘humidity’, ‘dryness’ and ‘coldness’.
These energy flows called Qi, move through several ‘energy channels’ which are located all over the body. These pathways are called meridians, and the human body is made up of about 20 of them; according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In fact, there are precise points on these meridians through which energies enter and exit the body. It is posited that diseases are a manifestation and a direct result of various energy imbalances within the human body.

Applying direct pressure to these various points relieves the ‘stuck’ or ‘imbalanced’ energy flows, and also brings relief of pain, discomfort, and even disease. But, that’s not all that acupressure points can do for your well being, or to build yourself a better body

They can also help induce labor, lessen the pain of labor, alleviate headaches and migraines; help one stop drinking or smoking; including, helping/relieving a few dozen other proven and established emotional, psychological, and physical conditions.  Using acupressure points on your body and mind really works! 

Let’s just say, that after a few thousand years and millions upon millions of satisfied ‘test’ subjects, this system has proven itself to work better than Modern Medicine, and without the drug-induced side-effects of prescription pills for ‘whatever ails ya’!

Do-It-Yourself Acupressure points have had great success in alleviating, treating, and resolving many long time symptoms and painful sufferings that people have allowed to go on in their lives; and left untreated for years, even decades. These personally applied pressure points have also been pivotal in improving emotional well-being, while rekindling a zest for life, for those experiencing depression and or anxiety.

According to Debra Betts a certified acupuncturist and educator on the practice of acupressure; there are about 600 acupressure points in total on the human body. Whereas, compared to acupuncture and according to TCM, there are about 2000 acupuncture points that they can address. I hope this improves your understanding of precisely what are acupressure points?

Below is a diagram to help your understanding of some of the 600 acupressure points:

Monday, May 6, 2013

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure, is an ancient Tibetan and Chinese healing practice of ‘using and applying’ various body parts; including, fingers, hands, and elbows, as well as other physical instruments of ‘pressure’, and then, directing these towards specific spots on your body; these localities are called ‘trigger points’; and the end-result of this pressure therapy, is to provide relief from pain or physical discomfort; additionally, to further promote the natural healing of your body and its many parts, by increasing or unblocking various ‘trapped’ or ‘stuck’ ‘flows of energy’ along your body’s so-called ‘meridians’. 

According to Debra Betts, a nurse and well known certified acupuncturist, "In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are a series of channels that carry qi(energy)through the body. These meridians are a separate system of nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic ducts. They contain over 600 points. In restoring and balancing the bodies energy through this meridian system acupuncture and acupressure promote changes to improve the way the body functions".

I must stress, that having stood the test of time and endurance as a workable healing modality, acupressure has remained as effective today as it was almost 5000 years ago. And, regardless, of what the mainstream Medicine of today will tell you about its history and efficacy; acupressure has been around a lot longer; yet, scientifically speaking, they can’t explain it; and, they remain confused about how energy flow’s work, and the existence of these meridians within a body. To me, ‘What is Acupressure’, is basically the Body-Science of Energy Flows; and these poor medical fools can’t even see the truth before their eyes.

Here is a brief glance at what some of these areas of the foot represent to the rest of the body: 

Acupressure points have also been compared to acupuncture points; another ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses special needles to pierce through your skin, instead of fingered pressure points, externally applied. Yet, not all the pressure points are the same within both healing practices. 

Below is an image of the hands and what acupressure points they represent:

Here is another great website that actively promotes the amazing benefits of pressing on certain acupressure points, offered to the consumer through personalized videos, focusing on your exact symptoms, and how one can use these acupressure points to help resolve dozens of specific physical conditions; naturally, effectively, and almost immediately. Their slogan, "Get well simply by using acupressure points," is an appropriate slogan for their highly valuable video offerings.
These acupressure points are quite specific and extensive: As you can see from this screen captured image was taken from Google image, there are many strategic and well-known- to-work pressure points of acupressure that can observably produce immediate results in those accompanying organs and extremities.

These days, acupressure and acupressure points are trending modalities, both on Google search results, as well as in real life, through people’s desire to live healthier and longer lives. As you can see in the screen capture of Google Trends data: This answers the current trending question...What is acupressure!

This means that people are looking for a better way, a more natural way to help heal their tired and worn down bodies, and the grueling pace most people put their bodies through each and every day. There are many techniques and strategies out there to help optimize your health and maximize your longevity; but none, from this health writer’s perspective, is as effective as do-it-yourself acupressure therapy

Go through each and every hyperlink within this document, as it will lead to much more insights and a greater understanding of the power you have to help yourself heal. Your body is a miracle of healing abilities. Learn how it works and responds through acupressure massage.
Hope this helps answer your question, “What is Acupressure?”