Friday, August 16, 2013

Sugar is Killing Us: More than Ever Before!

Sugar, Aspartame, and Coca-Cola are making the headlines again. Here's my input. In our own sweet way, we are killing ourselves through our poor food and non-food choices. Let’s be clear before I go any further as to what I mean, exactly mean, by ‘non-foods.’ My first example of a severely deadly and dangerous to your physical, mental and emotional well being, is an entirely non-food substance called sugar; including, its many over-hyped and hyper-advertised by-products, as well as, synthesized transmutations. 

For example, the list is rather long and filled with sugary sweet slogans and catchy names; yet, just as artificial as the ‘buzzwords’ they created when naming them; are any beneficial effects you may gain from ingesting them; other than a sugary rush. Do you remember ‘Equal’ or ‘NutraSweet’? Trademarked names for the product Aspartame! How about ‘Sweet N’ Low? Another sugar substitute made with ground saccharine and dextrose. 

They define dextrose on their website,  “Dextrose is a natural carbohydrate derived from corn. Many sugar substitutes in powdered form contain dextrose”. Be aware that most corn produced in the US and the world, also contains GMO’s! 

Then, there are the refined sugars, white sugars, brown sugars, cane-sugars, dextrose, fructose, high-fructose, and maltodextrin; including, other multi-syllabic  polysaccharides. And these, are just the one’s I can remember off the top of my head. The lists of products and their ingredients that contain ‘sugar’ stagger the imagination; but, if truth be told, most packaged and canned products on the shelves of most popular grocery chains contain sugar and or its by-products within them, in some form or another. And, you can take that statement to any lawyer!

Factually speaking, sugar is a big part of the average North American diet; and, most singly responsible for causing epidemic increases in obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other degenerative and debilitating diseases. Literally, sugar is killing us! We eat it ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, and feed it to our kids by the hundreds of pounds per year!

Most people do not know the clout and power of these huge multi-billion dollar Agri-Food Conglomerates! They control everything that you put in your mouth, and where and how this food is grown. That’s just for starters. Don’t get me going on their lobbying efforts, and controlling the media campaigns, to keep you in the dark about their shady food practices and non-food production policies. Let’s stay focused on sugar and its unhealthy consequences to our children’s future; and the increased burden that this is causing, on our already over taxed and fragile health care system. I need to ask, what system?

There are many passionate and alarmed scientists, health practitioners, concerned citizens and politicians that have been fighting hard, ‘tooth and claw,’ to eliminate sugar and its variations from our food supply completely! None have worked more tirelessly than Nancy Appleton Ph.D. to educate the public on the dangers of sugar; including, the 141 reasons she lists that sugar ruins your health! In her explosive first book, Lick the Sugar Habit-1985, she makes a powerfully convincing argument about the dangers of sugar. Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we even have more proof than ever about its deadly effects and toxicity!

What’s changed?

I need to ask, what will it actually take for most North Americans to kick this dangerous and deadly sugar habit once and for all?

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