Monday, February 16, 2009

Living in a Drug World: Compromising Humanity For Profits

Drugs have become a silent and unspoken epidemic in our society. These harmful substances tragically and unalterably affect millions of human lives. More people are becoming addicted than ever before; and, not just to street drugs. The solution to a ‘drug society’ should be less than more drugs. Yet, the ‘Pharma’ solution to 'whatever ails ya,’ is a drug of one kind or another. Every human problem and condition has a chemical solution according to the Psychiatric and Pharmaceutical Industries. They should know.... because they manufacture enough of them.

I am totally certain, based on my experience and observation, that you can cure any addiction to any harmful drug substance, by complete natural and healthy means, and totally without any other drug substitutes. The final product being: a ‘drug-free’ healthy individual with a renewed zest for life and living. This is not the end product Pharma hopes for; so, it does not promote this alternative. Because without drugs there are no profits! So instead, 'drug substitutes' for drug addictions are sold to society as a solution to deviant and disorderly-drugged behavior. They call it euphemistically, ‘Harm Reduction.’

The corner stone of our existence is our health and vitality; and without these, we are doomed to sickness and death. Public health shouldn’t just protect, prevent and maintain risks to our health; it should also be willing to eliminate the source of poor health, vigorously, and by any means necessary.

In my world, I would start from this basic and healthy premise-that drugs, any drugs, are not the ideal solution to the health and wellness of a human being. Unfortunately, our Government and our public health agencies are being used, compromised, misdirected, and masterfully manipulated by the Pharmaceutical Industries. They alone profit from a drugged dependence; and, they alone profit from sickness and poor health.

We can easily see that drugs kill. Pharmaceutical drugs alone kill well over 100,000 people every single year in North America, and that’s just taking them as prescribed. According to court documents and congressional hearings during the 2004 session, one drug alone, Vioxx, out of their pharmacopeia of over 10,000 registered and marketable medications, has been directly linked possibly to over 60,000 deaths; and millions injured, in just a five year period in the United States alone. Merck, its manufacturer, just settled this case out of court for a paltry 4.85 billion dollars.

Vioxx was their biggest seller; for five years from 1999 onwards it dominated the industry by sheer numbers alone. It made them billions of dollars a year. The big bonus for Merck in all of this is that they still get to walk away; even after all that damage and death, and go on to conduct ‘business as usual.’ Who knows for certain when or where the next “Vioxx” will appear?

Please keep in mind, this is one example of one drug. Believe me when I say to you with complete sincerity and honesty, that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


It’s a simple enough equation that the Pharmaceutical Industry follows to the letter; even if they tend to fudge, and then hide their false and contrived ‘patent pending’ drug studies. These are all necessary mechanizations to enable them to receive FDA approval. And, because of their rather intimate, and for lack of a better word, 'incestuous' relationship, both the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Industry, have actually conspired and colluded to commit fraud on the American people, by way of pushed through and unsubstantiated drug studies; even, after these same studies showed the potential toxic effects of a particular drug under review.

There is no profit in good health, only in sickness. This is at the core of any Pharma philosophy, ‘the sicker they are, the more drugs they will need’. Unfortunately, the drug business is rather fickle. Inadvertently, profits come at the cost of human lives. The Pharmaceutical’s own journal the ‘J Am Pharm. Assoc.’ 2001; 41:192-9, referenced a University of Arizona study, that concluded, "that the overall cost of US drug-related morbidity and mortality exceeded $177.4 billion in the year 2000, with over 200,000 deaths created annually".

Now, that’s a lot of ‘death and dying’ from a small, simple little pill....'for whatever ails ya.’