Friday, February 13, 2009

Vaccines, the Cost in Human Lives: Our Children's Safety First!

Vaccines cost in human lives, usually more than we are prepared to sacrifice; especially, when it comes to our children; the rule should always be, our children's safety first! “When a child dies within hours or days of vaccination, the vaccination should be the first thing suspected, not automatically rejected.” Strong sentiments perhaps, yet typically and tragically, this has been the case rather than the isolated exception. A litany of grieving mothers would agree with Sandy Mintz, an outspoken critic who has written extensively on vaccine-related infant deaths. I believe that when we as a society, deny the true ‘cause of death’ to a grieving mother and family, we to that degree...forfeit our Humanity.

Far too many mothers have had to forcibly bear witness to their sons and daughters writhing in uncontrollable agony, screaming and squirming from pain. Helpless, they could only watch in horror as their child perished before their eyes. Cause of death: SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome); and not, ‘Death by Lethal Injection,’ caused by the very vaccine the child just recently received.

Denial begins immediately upon death. The paper trail, leading from the physician/pediatrician on hand or on call, can become covertly used by the Pharmaceutical Industry to cover up the actual cause. The acting physician must state a cause of death. To this end, the vaccine manufacturer provides a list of contraindications: sudden infant death syndrome, being just one of them. The manner in which a vaccine manufacturer can state the cause of death is both revealing and clinically detached in its coldness and lack of responsibility.

Here is an actual ‘cause of death’ statement, taken from an autopsy summary of what one physician copied directly from the vaccine manufacturers' product monograph under the heading... “Contraindications: Sudden infant death syndrome has been reported following the administration of vaccines containing Diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, and pertussis vaccine. However, the significance of these reports is not clear. One common factor is the age where primary immunization was done between the ages of 2 to 6 months, a period where most sudden infant death syndromes are found to occur with a peak incidence being at 2 to 6 months”.

Laura Colebeck was just three months old!

Notice that ‘they,’ the vaccine manufacturers did not want to state the obvious: the cause of death-our vaccine. Instead, they use SIDS, as a way to generalize a ‘non-descript’ and 'unknown’ cause of death, to disavow the true cause of death-their deadly vaccine! Then, to add insult to injury, and to state it in such clinically callous terms, “However, the significance of these reports is not clear”; is simply horrific and unconscionable.

Healthy children are dying from getting immunized! That’s clear enough, for any parent to understand. Yet, most mothers innocently inoculate their children as if nothing could be more natural and safe to do. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Tens of billions of dollars are at stake, in just the vaccine business alone. To the pharmaceutical manufactures, keeping consumer confidence means a strategic offense of ‘safety reassurances’ and of creating a ‘desired need’ for their vaccine products. To this end, they willingly spend tens of millions of dollars yearly on high profile PR firms, expensive and politically connect lobbyists, while fraudulently influencing doctors, health agencies, and schools about the safety and efficacy of their deadly and debilitating vaccines. Know this, based on current research findings, they will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get these vaccines approved, and used by the general public. To them, ‘human lives’ are the cost of doing business!

Accordingly, “Vaccines kill at a much higher rate than we are lead to believe. We play vaccine roulette with our children’s lives, and we never know which child will fall victim next”. No longer satisfied or confined to being just another grieving mother, another unfortunate statistic in our ‘War on Disease’, Christine Colebeck is fighting back for the sake of her loving lost child Laura. Sadly, she has unexpectedly had to become an informed and educated parent ‘after the fact’; to personally combat these deadly and dangerous drugs.

It took an earth-shattering tragedy of epic proportions, the loss of her daughter, to realize the truth behind these vicious vaccines. For the sake of other parents, she now knows and quotes the odds, “If the odds are 1 in 500 thousand for death, 1 in 100 thousand for permanent brain injury, 1 in 1700 for seizures and convulsions, and 1 in 100 for an adverse reaction, are you willing to take that chance? Are any odds acceptable enough to convince you to gamble with your child’s life? To read Laura’s Story go to

World-renowned health expert and anti-vaccine crusader Dr. Leonard Horowitz doesn’t mince words either when he states, “The greatest lie ever told is that these vaccines are safe and effective.” Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard graduate, and independent health investigator have been a vocal opponent of both the pharmaceutical and medical industries. He has single-handedly taken on these industries by tirelessly lecturing and publishing the truth behind the scandalous frauds that have been, and are still being perpetrated on the American public and our World, by these criminal and greedy, self-serving corporate interests. To find out more go to his website:

Most opponents of vaccination firmly believe that if the truth were known, a tragedy could be avoided. Every death after a vaccination should be immediately investigated. Christine Colebeck had to wait almost a year for her daughter’s autopsy report. Shockingly, she had to find out the truth for herself, that her daughter died not of the vaccine, but from SIDS.

No toxicology was ever done by the physician; and no report was ever filed with ‘VAERS,’ the Federal governments’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. You see, if the death is labeled a SIDS incident, it does not require reporting, even if the child dies only a few hours after receiving an inoculation. This is one way in which many deaths/statistics attributed to the vaccine are covered up and hidden from public view.

For concerned parents, Christine adds these final words of caution, “The governments own literature advises that there has been little or no testing in the area of vaccine safety or efficacy. Essentially, our children are the test. According to their literature, immunization is “the most cost-effective” way to prevent disease. Nowhere in their literature does it claim to be the safest. We are trading our children's lives to save the government money. We are told that the benefits outweigh the risks, but many of the diseases that we vaccinate for are not even life-threatening; however, the vaccine itself has the potential to kill”.

Please, become an informed and educated parent, don’t settle for your child’s health at any cost!

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