Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dangerous Ideas

Ideas can be considered radical, even subversive; and, can defiantly challenge current and established beliefs, faiths, and ideologies. They dare to be different in the face of sameness and conformity. They can defy logic and common sense, while offering an alternative reality, another viewpoint, a counter-point of view. This makes any ‘idea’, potentially a dangerous thing, depending...on your point of view.

Can we separate the ‘idea’ from the viewer, the originator, or, the implementer of the idea? Are some ‘ideas’ so dangerous, that they shouldn’t be considered, mentioned, or even shared? Do we even dare pose these kinds of heretical questions?

The history of ideas have been fraught with both conflict and bloodshed. Truly, it has been ‘ideas’ and not ‘battles’ though, that have marked the forward progress of our Civilization. Historically speaking, we as a Civilization, have certainly moved above and beyond the barbarism of which we think conceived us.

Yet, strangely and sadly, we still kill for sport, honor, family pride, racial purity, fear, respect, revenge, and retaliation; and let’s not forget as a not so friendly ‘reminder’ to the rest, as to ‘whose really in charge around here’. Imagine that, some people, still actually continue to use force and control to push their ideas on the rest of Humanity. Why?

Forget ‘bad and evil’ and ‘greedy and power hungry’ as reasons why some people need to use ‘power of force’, instead of the power of ‘love and cooperation’ to accomplish their ‘shameful and selfish’ goals of ‘conquest and domination’. Plain and simple, these people are all insane! And, that’s the reason, the truth behind the deaths and violence, and the injustices' anywhere within our world.

Insane people still have some measure of control; and, we just let them stay in control. How? Simply, by our inaction's; including our inability to see and observe what is really going on in our World. We are too distracted and drained of our energies, by the stresses and strains of our present existence to realize that we can, and do, have an impact on our World.

In fact, anytime two or more courageous and like minded people get together and realize that Life is more precious and deserving than anything else, and should be protected and preserved at all costs; we create hope for a better world. Do you now begin to understand the power of an ‘idea’, especially one, whose time has come?

Protect and preserve Life above all else. Is this a radical or subversive idea? I put this ‘idea’ then, this simple truth to the test. I challenge all religions, dogmas, ideologies, philosophies, and any and all other ideas put forward by Humanity, past or present. Let’s see if it fits into the equation called: LIFE. Let’s test the value of this idea in terms of its logic and sanity as well as survival potential?

To me it makes perfect simple sense; it requires no figuring, or explanation; its self-evident and primal, survival! Yet…some people still need to kill and dominate with force. This is not Life; this is not Survival. Death is that; Death! IT'S FINAL! Domination and Control is not Life; or, a way of Living Freely!

No excuses, no exceptions, and no rationalizing the rule: Protect and preserve Life above all else. Maintaining that purity of truth will keep us alive, to see our children, and their children benefit from our integrity of mind and expression. We must keep this truth alive moment to moment with every encounter within our environment.

Reasonably enough, when you ‘protect and preserve’ anything or anyone, you respect them first. Life is a miracle beyond our scientific measure; it deserves respect and admiration for its present existence and survival potential. We are all here together, and we are all inter-connected and inter-dependent; whether we choose to admit it or not. This is another fact of our mutual co-existence!

Only we can alter the course for the ‘better or worse’ for Life on this planet. We cannot blame anything else for our collective or independent choices and their effects. We decide what is right or wrong for our mutual existence. We decide that Life should go on. We can do it together, and we take a stand!

We can collectively create a better world!

Radical? Subversive? Dangerous? You can take your pick. One fact is clear, ‘protecting and preserving Life’, can also get you killed!

The question is: Are you willing to die for it?

Now, how radical is that?

Dangerous Ideas...

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