Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why go RAW?

This will be the most important question you will ask yourself this lifetime. Failing to answer this question fully, will mean the difference between life and death in your life. I am talking about premature death; dying early, way earlier than you ever expected!
Have I got your ATTENTION!!!

Good, let’s continue....

Before we can even get into the ‘why,’ we must first clearly and understandably know the ‘what’?
What is Raw?

Please, let me explain it so that there will be absolutely no misunderstandings. Why?

Because your LIFE may depend on it...!

Raw is not a fad, a food diet, a trend, something to look into, something to follow because your peers or celebrities are doing it. I hope that is clear!

Raw living is a lifestyle, a way of life, a philosophy of change, and a way to connect and take responsibility; finally for ourselves and each other, and our failing and fragile planet. That’s it, that’s all! No more mystery?

It is not, skinny people, looking gaunt and undernourished!

It is not, emaciated and skeletal remains, telling you how healthy they are!
It is not, orange glowing people gleaming from too much carotene in their juice!
I am glad we cleared that up....

We can now begin to set a new foundation for Raw: One that is factually based; and one, that works for you in every which way, every day, for the rest of your Life.

If I would tell you, that you could live and still be healthy, robust, and active, at the ripe old age of 100, 110, 120, and even older; you would honestly and rightfully, not believe me.

But, I stand before you ready to face your natural break in trust. How could you believe such a wild and fantastic tale? And, just after I gained your trust and established some credibility about my believability. I then go and say something stupid and outrageous!

Well then, as long as you are still listening and reading, let me show you how it is possible....
How anything is possible....

I promise it won’t hurt or take too long....

If you believe....then follow the links....

Let RAW set you free!

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