Monday, February 9, 2015

Home Gardening For Natural Health Using Any Space or Place, Even an Apt.

Home gardening for natural health using any space or place, even an apt. can be easily achieved by almost anyone, if gardening for ‘natural health’ is what you are sincerely after. Factually speaking, the Single Biggest or Most Important Thing that anyone desiring 'abundant and radiant health' can do towards achieving 'optimum health and maximized longevity,' is to become a self-reliant, natural health, home Gardner. I kid you not!  

Now, don't laugh or make excuses for yourself about your time or limited resources, i.e., land or the lack of space to grow your crops; not to mention your planting/cultivating inexperience. This ideal can definitely be achieved by anyone living anywhere, and even for free!

The surprising health benefits of becoming a home gardener are many and long-lasting. Incredibly enough, even living in an apt, with no backyard or dedicated garden space, one can still grow organic, nutrient-rich and vitamin/mineral dense herbs, sprouts, and even plants; albeit, in a limited space. This is easily accomplished by way of compact sprouting trays, small growing beds/trays of nutrient-rich soil, in space-saving containers, grown in areas like window ledges, patios, balconies, even within spare closets, using UV lamps, etc. Direct sunlight is preferable, but if you live in a basement with no windows, if that’s even permissible today, growing your own natural foods using UV lamps is entirely possible, practical, and undoubtedly fun to do!

Additionally, one can also find and use, exchange-with or rent, local backyards or land space from local homeowners or landlords that are open to the idea of growing/sharing these rich, natural home-grown, and pesticide-free healthy foods. The exchange can be as easy as growing foods for them and or their families; they may even be willing to pay for the seeds and start-up costs. Depending on the size of the plot, you can also get some other land-less but eager, health-conscious locals involved as well. Put up posters or advertise in the classifieds or local papers, for both growing areas/land, and similar like-minded people to help with the cultivation of this newly found 'life-saving and health-enhancing' land space.

A recent article by Dr. Mercola really hit me hard and woke me up to some important facts. His email headline had me hooked immediately, 30 Times More Nutritious Than Most Organic Vegetables - You Can Easily Grow Them in Only 7 Days! The title of the article being, “Great Reasons to Eat Your Sprouts.”  It focuses on and in simple to understand language, how to grow your own sprouts; a self-help video is also included; as well as, to help you get immediately started, the good Dr., also provides you with a DIY Sprout Doctor Starter Kit, should you decide to purchase this online and have it directly delivered. 

Now, how easy is that?

From Sunflower seeds to Alfalfa and Wheatgrass, to Mung beans, Lentil sprouts, and even Brussels sprouts, you can do it all with ease and limited space. The great reasons for this type of activity are listed as being, higher vitamin content; higher enzyme content; increased essential fatty acid and fiber content; increased bioavailability of minerals and protein; not to mention, being totally pesticide and chemically free of any toxic elements. How great is that?

Now, I hope you believe me when I say that home gardening is totally possible for truly ‘natural and abundant health’ while using any space or place, even an apt?

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