Friday, February 13, 2015

The Power of the Human Spirit For Your Health

Examining the true power of the human spirit gives me a unique and honest insight into our health & spirituality. So, I need to be open and forthright in this personal and spiritual journey.

Let’s get something spiritually straight right from the start; I am an Atheist, not an Agnostic; I am faithless and hopeless (according to some), and to others’, a thoroughly and totally, God-less disbeliever! Now, having said all that, I am also a great believer in Humanity, Nature, Evolution, the ever-expanding Universe, the Quantum Universe; Multiple and Parallel Universes; the Holographic Universe; and most importantly, the Power of the Human Spirit!

I am not Religious; but Spiritual, my life is not governed by ritual or dogma; and, I totally live in the NOW while Loving Life to-the-fullest! Additionally, I also believe that we as Spiritual Beings possess infinite wisdom and an infinite potential; not surprisingly, we are ALL capable of tapping into this personal Spiritual reservoir, if we are aware enough and determined enough to do so.

The resolution of both the Human & Spiritual Condition will only come about through COMPASSION towards ALL Life EVERYWHERE! We will have to learn how to become aware of this UNIVERSAL LAW, PROTECT AND PRESERVE ALL LIFE FORMS! And, this doesn't mean that we can’t live through them or on them either! Life survives on a biological level by feeding on lower forms of Life or living matter. At present, for most, this is an inescapable and necessary fact of REALITY!

Spiritually speaking, our foods and fuels are made up of and NOT limited to the following: love, compassion, respect, empathy, sympathy, consideration, dignity, humility, forgiveness, prayer, faith, belief, honor, kindness, agreement, tolerance, God, Source, Spiritualities, hope, help, and Goodness. This too is also a fact and a reality of our mutual Human and Spiritual co-existence!

These are some of the Spiritual currencies that we can easily use to change our lives forever! You see, without our Spirituality, we would all be dead-unaware of Life’s’ miraculous and bountiful existence! Life wouldn't matter, because we didn't matter! Making other people matter, matters to everyone, as we are all interconnected; making plants and different life forms matter, also matters to all; as we are as said, intimately connected to Life everywhere! Physical matter and all Energy forms also matter as it is what keeps us in the game, and surviving through these challenges and obstacles. 

Finally, Space matters, as we all require a safe space, a private place, that we can call our own special place. All matter living or not, matters to every other atom and subatomic particle within this, or any other Universe! EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS CONNECTED IN SOME SMALL OR LARGE, MEANINGFUL OR SIGNIFICANT WAY! This is another profound example of the power of the Human Spirit, and our true, but mostly hidden from view, connectivity!

Spiritual speaking, our salvation, and togetherness will require a quantum leap in our awareness as well as our preparedness for what lies ahead, in the not so distant future. Our true health and well-being will NOT just be influenced by our food and environmental choices; but, by our personal Spiritual awareness and development, this will also play a major evolutionary influence as well, helping to maximize our physical well-being and our longevity. 

Your true health source will be your connection with your spirituality and your spiritual Source. This is the only way to realize and utilize the Power of the Human Spirit for your health!

Power to the Human Spirit!