Thursday, April 2, 2015

Optimized Health: More than Just taking Vitamins and Supplements

The reason for the title, "Optimized Health: More than Just taking Vitamins and Supplements," is plain and clear! It is an inescapable fact of our existence; and one that we can't avoid, that most of us think we're healthy, relatively speaking; when in fact, we are not! Factually and truthfully, we are very sick, and getting sicker by the day. Not to scare you, not to warn you, just to inform you of some facts. Hey, don't kill the messenger!

            What I am about to reveal may shock most of you into realizing that your health, good health, great health, is not a matter of genes, luck, money, or even the environment; but, of knowing your body, how it works, and what it actually needs to function at an optimum level in order for it to survive-ANYTHING!!!
            Well, “ANYTHING” is a pretty broad statement, some may even consider it to be an over statement. I on the other hand, based on my experience, firsthand experience, know differently. Some of us, a very few of us, have actually lived to be 130+years old! Hey, I know, I know; not all of us become billionaires either!  

            But stop for a second, and ask yourself this critical question: How long do you want to live for? Never mind anything else happening to the planet, or wars, or famines, etc. How long do you want and expect to live for?

            Your decision and your awareness of your longevity will have the greatest part to bear on your continued survival. Nothing else will matter, other than how optimized your health is! For nature has a way of keeping the fittest around. Uniqueness, as well as diversity, has its rewards-SURVIVAL!

            So how can you become uniquely healthy and healthily diversified at the same time? Simply enough, by following an optimized mindset of being healthy in mind, body and spirit! For thousands of years, food has been our best medicine, and our greatest minds sharing these natural, healthy truths have been our best friends and teachers.

            We need to learn from them, their approach, their philosophy, their unique and diversified view of Nature and Humanity. We need to apply this information to our lives, our loves and passions. We need to make health, optimized health a vital part of our lives. Don't follow fads and false facts. Follow those that radiate great health!

            According to industry standards, popping most processed pills, whether vitamins, supplements, or even pharmaceuticals, will only get 5% of the contents digested and assimilated. The rest, the 95%, will become undigested, excreted, and completely wasted! With it your money, as well as your health!

            Eating healthy, living healthy, thinking healthy thoughts, and being around healthy people, and actively engaging in fresh, healthy ideas, are the healthiest ways I know to optimize your health. Instantly and dramatically!

            Being the best at anything, like being the healthiest, takes dedication and devotion. Good health, great health, optimized health, is a philosophy, a way of life and living. It does not come by chance or circumstance. Opening your mind, body and spirit to healthy habits creates opportunities to optimally live a better and longer Life.


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