Friday, December 18, 2015

Your True Health Source?

What is your true health source?  Would it be organic natural foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables, vitamins or supplements, fitness, meditation or exercise, or a combination of many other ‘true health’ oriented factors?  True health also depends on many elements that we take for granted, one way or another; like for example, clean water and fresh, clean air. They’re not doing so well in Beijing because of the chemical smog.

Your immediate physical environment also plays a part in your true health; including, the source of your foods, the state of the soils where they were grown in. Where you live matters, even within your home or apt matters!

It’s all about atoms, molecules and compounds; the chemicals, metals, and elements, hazardous to our health, in and around our bodies, and surrounding living environments. We need to be wary of nearly all of the products we use in our daily lifestyles.  We need to become more aware of our consumption habits, and they’re side-effects! This is your only true source of good health.

This alert also extends to our foods, the stuff we ingest, and of course our personal living space, furnishings, and the materials that were used in their making; a case in point, like most synthetic carpeting, for example, it out-gasses noxious elements like benzene, toluene, styrene, and other equally toxic substances it was made from back into the air your family breathes every day, that’s if you have synthetic carpeting installed; and, this out-gassing goes on for years, depending on the age of the carpet. New car upholstery and most recently formed plastics also do the same thing; and within your work, car, office or home environment!

The subtle effects may be lightheadedness, headaches, running nose, eye irritation, small coughing, raspy throat, even sneezing; including, tiredness, muscle fatigue, and insomnia. These are just for starters! Not surprisingly, these are quite vague symptoms and can easily be explained away, as if you are coming down with a cold or a flu; when in fact, these chemical poisons can in the long term and with continued exposure, eventually suppress your immune system enough to where your body actually becomes a welcoming host for a wide range of ‘waiting in the wings’, predatory germs, and other opportunistic rapscallions.  J

Additionally, combining this with other equally poisonous chemicals within our environments makes it an even more significant burden on our health and well beings. We are literally and NOT figuratively, being poisoned at every turn! How can we protect ourselves and our family’s health from these poisons within our environment?

By being fully aware of your options when it comes to your true source for good health!

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