Friday, January 15, 2016

Want To Change Your Life: Waste Less!

Wanting to change your life and wasting less, doesn’t seem at first glance to go together. But, under closer examination, there is a direct correlation between a ‘happy life’ and a ‘wasted’ one! Between a ‘fulfilling’ one, and a life wasted on ‘triviality’ and ‘selfishness’; or, a life spent on ‘consumption’ and ‘avarice’; well, you know the story? It has loser written all over it! Those that waste soon enough lose what they have, or I should say, had. It’s that simple! No more explanations are necessary.
So, how does one go from zero to hero? Simply by wasting less of course! Knowing what you waste and plugging up the holes. Truthfully speaking it’s that straightforward and simple. Allow me to explain my meanings.

Growing, changing, moving forward, personal development, changing one’s life, etc., all involve focus, determination, utilization of resources, values, and most importantly, achievements; the accomplishment of targets and goals that were set, set to be completed, and along a set timeline.  Real change, beneficial change is monitor-able, observable and definitely measurable! You and others can notice and experience these changes first-hand!

It’s opposite, as I see it, are contraction and procrastination; and those that exercise these beliefs in their lives, always seem to waste what they have, as they do not expend enough energy on future wealth accumulation,  or have any plan or strategy to achieve a sustainable condition of affluence or abundance. Thus they waste what they have and are left with nothing but the tears of what they could have, and should have had! Happy thoughts produce happy feelings. Feeling of loss and waste, only produce sadness and grief…of what could’ve been.

If you really want to change your life, and in any which way, focus on where what and how you are creating any waste in that area of your life; how you may be contributing to it in any way. Examine, what you have and currently take for granted; and do not value enough. Answer to yourself this fundamental question, are you growing or contracting, in this or any other area of your life? If you are actually shrinking and getting smaller, in this or any other area, then you immediately need to save what you have before you waste it; and, directly expend some energy to create some more of whatever it is you need to have more of. Survival is growth and optimum change; it’s opposite, decay and death, create waste as a by-product of their imminent demise.

Value and treasure what you have; especially the moment, the here and NOW. Truthfully, it is the only thing of real value that we possess. Treasure it; make it the most precious and valuable object in your life. Don’t waste a precious moment of your life, outside of the moment, elsewhere focused on the past; a past failure, a past mistake, a past non-accomplishment. Know this, life is in you today, and you can create your own tomorrow, whatever that may be. Want to change your life, then learn to be in the now, value what you have, and waste less.

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