Friday, February 19, 2016

Unhealthy Eating Choices Are Killing People by The Millions!

Do I need to even ask, are unhealthy eating choices, killing people by the millions? You mean, just in North America alone? I don’t need to dredge up the latest stats to prove my point; we know, we have eyes and ears, and we have friends, family members and celebrities, as living examples of premature death, and mostly, from preventable diseases. Diseases based on poor food choices; poor food preparation and cooking methods; poor food sources; poor food production and growing methods; and of course, ‘manufactured’ foods with ‘questionable’ additives. I am sure there are many more; but, I believe you get my point! 

How we choose to eat and the foods we choose to eat is literally killing us!

Now, where can we go from here? It can’t all be that bad can it? It definitely can and will continue to kill people, until we individually decide to eat healthier, by making healthier lifestyle choices, and by creating healthier habits in our daily lives. ‘Habits’, being the key word; habits are easy to start, and once begun, they become difficult to break. So, start a healthy habit today, and keep it going! Healthy good habits allow you to live better and live longer. Now, who doesn’t want those two qualities in their lives, or want those for their friends and family? No One!

Then, why are we killing ourselves with ‘junk-foods’ and other dangerous food choices? Because, we’ve been brainwashed and conned into doing so; bamboozled and hoodwinked into thinking that whatever was printed was true; and that whatever came out of our TV sets was the Gospel truth. Nothing could be further from the truth!  We have been lied to about the quality of our foods! And the fact, that they were sourced or manufactured without consideration to their after-effects; you know, their disease causing tendencies! 

Knowing all this, we owe it to our health, to take immediate and decisive action in our lives. Just one good healthy food choice at every meal can help guide you to living a healthier and happier life; just one, that’s all you need to start; but, you must start somewhere!

Do you want to live longer? Do you want to live a healthy and happy life? Do you want to have boundless energy and stamina? Well, if you do, then start with just one small but important change. Find one healthy food, something natural, organic, perhaps even a superfood, and begin to incorporate it into your day-to-day eating routine. 

Make this one thing a good habit; make it something you enjoy and look forward to eating every day; make this new change the most important part of your life. For if you do, and keep it up; soon enough, you will find other healthy food choices that you can add to your daily eating habits. All it takes is just one step towards a known destination; it’s the first step that seems the hardest; but, once made, it becomes the greatest!

Are you ready to make that greatest step today?

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