Friday, October 20, 2017

Patience, Perseverance, and Endurance

In over sixty years of living, patience, perseverance, and endurance have always paid off for me. 

Persistence only pays off if you’re determined; and only if, you are on the ‘right’ purpose, your true purpose. Many years ago, make that almost a lifetime ago, I first heard these magical words of wisdom from my Tai Chi Chuan teacher Johnny O, “Patience, Perseverance, and Endurance.”

Nearly fifty years later, I am still in awe, about the meaning and integrity behind those three powerful words.

In life, in any situation, or within any relationship; patience is not only a virtue, it is an essential force for peace, compassion and mutual understandings; because, it is only through patience that we can master the soulful art of ‘acceptance’, of anything and everything around us, or within us, sometimes, that may even be raging like a fiery inferno. 

Patience keeps us whole and keeps us sane; patience is the ultimate way to an understanding of life. To survive, you, we, all must have patience. You see, death is enforced patience; at that point, we have no choice and no other freedom, other than, ‘patiently’ being dead!

Patience allows us to experience Life naturally unfolding, without our emotional baggage and negative considerations clouding the way of our personal development; our individual search for meaning, and our quest for the truths of our existence. Patience allows Life to reveal what we need to know in order to evolve, move on to the next step of our ‘living and learning’ experience. 

Patience also allows us to grow beyond our own expectations and limitations; for you see, patience reveals truths like no other; it allows for NO time aberration. Patience allows for infinity to infinitely unfold. Giving us the courage, hope, and future, of a life full-filled with happiness and joy; because, we are infinitely patient, and patiently believe in each other. Patience=Survival….In every way!

Perseverance, allows us like patience, to keep going, despite ‘everything’ else to the contrary; notwithstanding any or every obstacle, barrier, or even, mental consideration in our path. Infinite perseverance allows for nothing, ever, to get in your way, NOTHING! With perseverance comes an understanding of yourself and that of Life; as you can observably see, Life persists, if nothing else! Perseverance also equals survival.

Finally, we come to endurance, the most valued and prized survival characteristic; without which, WE, would all be dead! Everything in Life is based on endurance. If you can’t endure you will not move ahead; and eventually, you will die. Obsolescence is the opposite of endurance. Look around you, in everything that you see, it is enduring; it is surviving, right there in front of your eyes. Life will always find a way to endure, as Life is all about endurance. Life is survival; endurance is surviving through anything and everything in our path, mentally, physically, and spiritually!

As you can see, these three powerful and wise words are a mantra for survival, in all of its many manifestations. Patient people live longer and get along better with others; perseverant people last longer at anything they attempt; while, people that can endure, anything and everything in their way; well, they will endure like a diamond, forever and ever…!

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