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Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Daily

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth Daily

Surprisingly enough, there are numerous benefits to drinking bone broth daily; mainly due to its many nutritional and therapeutic benefits contained within the broth. In truth, bone broth heals faster, cheaper, and better than any other natural remedy known to science or natural health. Without exaggeration, and based on thousands of years of anecdotal human history, I firmly believe that bone broth is the ultimate healing solution, for whatever ails you. Drinking bone broth daily can dramatically impact your life and health through its many wondrous and healing benefits.

Bone broth is an amber, rich liquid made primarily from beef, chicken, or fish bones that have been vigorously boiled in water; with some spices, vegetables, and a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar thrown into the mixture; shortly thereafter, the heat is reduced and slowly simmered for 24-72 hours; allowing all the bones and marrow to fall apart within the broth, releasing its’ nutritionally packed minerals and proteins into this full-bodied stock.

Some of these liberated elements are collagen, elastin, gelatin, glycine, as well as other important amino acids; which, as we know, are the basic building blocks of our body and its’ structure.

Our skin, for example, is made up of about 70-80% collagen; not surprisingly, this ubiquitous proteinaceous substance exists everywhere in our bodies; as a matter of fact there are over 28 types of collagen; from our skin to our bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it is an essential part of our structure; whereas elastin, another by-product of collagen, is literally the glue that binds our bodies together; it is the substance that gives our skin its’ elasticity, while preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.

Historically speaking, our ancestors first started making stocks and fish soups about 15,000 years ago; based on the carbon dating of ceramic pots found in China and Japan. You see they knew healthy eating, even way back then, perhaps not consciously; but, we sure know now that if you cook in a container, the nutrients, proteins, oils, and fats are all retained, and immediately available for absorption and digestion. 

The pot below was used for cooking fish; salmon, based on the oil resins found within this particular vessel. Fishbone soup, fish stock, and fish broth were popular, as fish were easy to catch; more so, than chasing after a 6-ton, 12 foot high, woolly mammoth.

Depending on the type of bone used to make the broth, and aside from the benefits of all the proteins, and whatever other nutrients might be hiding in the marrow; bone broth is extremely high in a wide range of essential minerals our bodies need on a daily basis. For example, bones from animals are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, while fish bones are rich in iodine.

Recent research has also indicated that there are many benefits of bone broth for your gut, IBS symptoms, and other related conditions, as well as, for your joints, and associated inflammation. By drinking a cup or two of either homemade bone broth or powdered bone broth every day, you will begin to see some benefits over a few weeks or months, especially on your skin, joint pain and gut. You will just feel better all around.

Additionally, if you were to go on a 3-5 day bone broth fast, drinking only bone broth and purified water or spring water for those days, you would see even more dramatic and shorter-term results on your body and brain power. Without a doubt, bone broth also nourishes your brain. So make sure to drink bone broth every day.

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