Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Execute Drug Dealers Dealing in Opiates?

Why execute drug dealers dealing in opiates? Sounds like the right thing to do, kill drug dealers that kill; yet, is it really the truthful way towards solving our drug epidemic, or is it just another fanciful misdirect, away from the apparently unsolvable Nations’ real drug problems and their source? 

Will killing drug dealers actually stop the epidemic in its tracks? Absolutely not! It is just a smoke screen, a distraction away from the truth. Why? Because drug dealers are the wrong target! What?
They are not the source of the epidemic!

Big Pharma and various Government agencies are actually the ones responsible for the current drug epidemic, and not the ‘supposed’ drug dealers!

Allow me to shed some light on the corruption and dangers lurking within our Government agencies, and their covert operations and drug dealing operatives.

Just do some basic research into our current drug epidemic.

Read some historical facts: Know the Truth!

If Trump thinks for one moment that killing drug dealers is the answer to America’s heroin and opiate crises, he should look no further than Afghanistan, which produces 90% of the world’s heroin. Killing a few drug dealers for 'show' is not the answer to solving the DRUG EPIDEMIC that has been sweeping across America for the past six-seven decades. Hasn’t anyone been paying attention? Or, do we just believe everything our Government tells us?

And, don’t think for one moment the Big Pharma companies haven’t contributed to the problem, and even exacerbated it, intentionally selling drugs, through sleight of hand, and even underhanded means. They helped fuel this opiate epidemic! 

Is this why New York City is currently suing Big Pharm for 500 million? Why aren’t they rounding up petty drug dealers looking to feed their own habits? As they already know, they must go after the SOURCE! Trump is the great mis-director, making headlines and misdirection through executions. It’s all just B.S., Government propaganda! Additionally, numerous U.S. States are also suing the distributors of these opiates, as the ones responsible; and NOT, by going after the ‘street’ drug dealers.

Wake up America, you are being lied to, tricked into believing that a few drug dealers that kill a few people, through overdose, here and there, are at fault? No, they are the fall-guys for the Government agencies, police corruption, and BIG Pharma, the ones actually responsible for this unstoppable drug epidemic, which is NOT limited to opiates; and, I am NOT talking marijuana!

Pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year in America than all the drug dealers selling all their drugs combined! Just look at the statistics for yourself and see:

The Pharmaceutical’s own journal the ‘J Am Pharm. Assoc.’ 2001; 41:192-9, referenced a University of Arizona study that concluded, "The overall cost of US drug-related morbidity and mortality exceeded $177.4 billion in the year 2000, with over 200,000 deaths created annually". Now, that was almost twenty years ago!

Here’s something more recent, according to court documents and congressional hearings during the 2004 session, one drug alone, Vioxx, out of their pharmacopoeia of over 10,000 registered and marketable medications has been directly linked possibly to over 60,000 deaths; and millions injured, in just a five year period in the United States alone. Merck, its manufacturer, eventually settled out of court for a paltry 4.85 billion dollars.

Vioxx was their most significant seller; for five years from 1999 onwards it dominated the industry by sheer numbers alone. It made them billions of dollars a year. The big bonus for Merck in all of this was that they got to walk away; even after all the damage and death; and horrifically, continue to conduct ‘business as usual'!

I am not making this stuff up; and as I said, go look it up for yourself, the Truth is out there! At least now you know the truth! Executing drug dealers selling opiates will NEVER be the answer to our current drug epidemic!

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